On Hiatus

>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've come to understand something. As a pastor who also holds down a full time job, I am quickly (or slowly as some may see it) coming to understand there are just some things I cannot do. This blog being one of them. I just simply don't have the time at the moment and find that my energies are best spent with other ministerial things (not to mention my primary ministry to my family).

Anyways...this will be the last of the blogs for me for a while.

Blessings -


Monday's reflection on Sunday night....

>> Monday, March 2, 2009

  • Ananias and Sapphira lacked major integrity. They were hypocritical and duplicitous. Do I have a plank in my own eye? (II Cor. 13:5)
    God is in the smelting business and we would be wise to avail ourselves to that process (I Peter 1:6-7)
    My heart is heavy with prayer for Fred and his family.
    Little Grace Marie looked so sweet last night. What a testimony to God's providence and grace!
    I'm excited to pass off the Children's ministry (so is my wife)
    My heart is stirring to pass off more of the ministry to the servants at CM
    Praying still for AV equipment and provision
    I'm praying that we stay patient with God's leading regarding Sunday mornings. His timing; His place; His will...we surrender!
    Last night looked like a seed market after church....I think we came home with a garden! Thank you Tara.
    I wish there were more hours in the day. I would be able to keep up on this blogging business. Let's see: Jesus, wife, children, church, work, etc, etc,....blogging. Ya, that's about where it comes in.

    I'm out!


God's Will

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

We had a guest speaker last night; Will Haag. Will is (or better, was) a Marine for many years and served across seas. He was Special Forces (if memory serves me right) and a real "dude's dude!" Tough on the outside and tough on the inside. A number of years ago, while serving in the Marines he fell ill with Crone’s disease (though didn't know what it was at the time). He was discharged and sent state side where he was officially diagnosed in 2006. True to his driven, Marine nature, Will picked up the mantle himself and tried every remedy and human way to overcome and battle this crippling disease. He only got worse. After years of going about it himself, God finally broke through his toughness and broke him. He reveal to Will his sin of self dependency and self "will / Will". Only when he agreed with God's prognosis of the true disease and he surrendered did the healing begin.

Will took the pulpit last night, not to tell of his miraculous healing from Crone’s disease, though that was certainly apparent, but more to encourage each believer to cast aside those things that hinder our intimacy with Jesus. To surrender to His will and to become God dependent, no longer self dependent. Some might see this as a crutch; to have a "god" to lean on in trouble times. I say he is no crutch; HE A STRETCHER! He is not someone we "lean on" only in troubled times, rather He is someone we trust and in Whose hands we place our entire life. Without him there is no rescue; there is no healing.

Will left us with a last though (paraphrased): What is it that is between you and Jesus to keep you from being sold out for Him". What ever that "it" is; that's your disease. Will thought his disease was Crone’s; turns out, his disease was Will's will. Be healed today from your "it" by surrendering and giving up your will for His. He wants all of you not just part of you.


Sunday Night Clear Out

>> Monday, February 16, 2009

Clearing out my head from Sunday (which was awesome, by the way) here are some thoughts rattling around in there:

1. These past couple of weeks has been such a tremendous encouragement to my heart. To see the Lord's peeps loving on each other, fellowshipping, engaging in deeper conversation than just your every day surface talk...it's been wonderful to step back and watch the Lord work.
2. We have 18 kids (the majority under 10 or so)...WOW! If they decided to revolt, we'd have a serious coup on our hands :)
3. We need to bless these kids some in some way. Praying as to how.
4. The men...WE NEED SOME SERIOUS MAN TIME! Something that revolves around beef, grunting and the Word. I'm thinking of that new BBQ place down the road http://www.teddybearbbq.com/. I swear I just uttered my best Tim the Tool Man grunt (or was that my Homer?? Mmm...BBQ...oahlahalhala...**drool**)
5. The Women's ministry is awesome! My wife totally rocks and she is so jazzed about the participation.
6. Women's Ministry - We have 18 kids in tow and our house is not really built for this. Praying for options.
7. Children's ministry is growing. Glad that Chad and Becca have stepped up to serve them.
8. The Book of Acts has been absolutely fantastic to go through. What a great book...to be given the privilege to see in to the diary of the Holy Spirit (as it were) and He recorded the beginning of Church history.
9. We need a Hospitality Ministry going. Greeting those that come in with warmth, love and a bulletin.


A Man That God Uses

>> Monday, February 9, 2009

What a great night of the Word and fellowship last night. I can see that the body at Calvary Monroe is starting to click. People are hanging out after and really talkin' it up. This blesses a pastor's heart and is an answer to prayer.

Last night, I taught a larger portion of scripture than I'm used to. We covered a chapter and a half in Acts (3-4), highlighting portions and answering the question: What are the characteristics of a man that God uses? (I heard really good teachings on this approach so don't think that I came up with it all. :)

1. A man of prayer
2. A man of faith
3. A man who is preoccupied with the glory of God
4. A man who hides the word of God in their heart
5. A man who is full of the Holy Spirit
6. A man who is nimble in the hand of God

Though it was great to see people tracking with me, if I'm being honest, I think I was blessed more than any (at least that's how i feel). It was just a wonderful time in the scriptures. We are incredibly blessed to have His Holy Word preserved for us all this time and incredibly blessed to be loved by Him. I kneel in awe!


Mark Driscoll on Nightline

>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

So I was browsing through the internet and stumbled on this. I'm curious what people thought. Watch it and make comments.



Food, glorious food!!

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just a reminder for this coming Sunday about our "pot-luck" (pot-faith?). We eat at 5:30pm this Sunday so please, if you would like, bring your favorite soup or salad to share with the group. I'm certain Dacyl will be making her famous (at least in our home :) Chicken Noodle soup...mmmmm!! Bring what ever you like. You can even open a can of Campell's Bean with Bacon soup and heat it in the the microwave! I LOVE THAT STUFF!!!

The point is to get us all together, share a meal and share great fellowship. Remember, 5:30pm this Sunday the 1st of February. After service, we'll share the Lord's table together as well...a sweet time! Hope to see you all there. Call if you have questions.


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